Felipe Rijo from Porto Alegre based design studio ALBUS Design has sent us a series of photos along with a brief description about their latest project. He along with architect Henrique Steyer were assigned by its client to design the summer house on Sailor’s Island in southern Brazil. This summer house is meant to host the family as well as guests of the owner.

As we can see at the above and below, the interior is pretty appealing with plenty of unique pieces. These furniture pieces were brought from São Paulo by the architect Henrique Steyer. Aside from that, they also added an acrylic sideboard that was inspired from visiting the international furniture fair in Milan, Italy a few moment ago.

The outdoor is designed to accommodate large crowd in party days, the garden has been completed with imposing 5’2″ light fixtures, beacons, wide balconies as well as a deck equipped with a barbeque pit.

That’s all information we have for this summer house, we invite you to check out the following pictures to find out more details that we can’t describe here.