This incredible Rozelle Terrace house is located in Sydney and was designed by Australian studio Carter Williamson Architects. It was originally an ordinary 1900s terrace house and has been transformed into a contemporary residence.

Compared to its neighborhood, the house looks incredibly small, but when you see the interior shots, you will see how space is nicely composed, making the most of it.

The interiors are defined by white-painted wall and creative stairs that seem to float. The bathroom is also painted in white and nicely tucked in what seems to be the attic and all the things inside the house are perfectly sized for a small living space.

The bedroom is defined by white paint plus black and white pictures attached on the wall that make it even more appealing. The base level is an open space which contains of living room, dinning room, and kitchen. Terrace area only used a bit of space available, for grass and grass and stone steps.