Architect from Japanese, Yosuke Ichii has designed a fantastic house in Yao City for a family of four people. Just in case you don’t know where Yao City is, this city is situated in the Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Titled as the Hi House, this private house has a living area of about 74.10 m² and structured in three-storey. Hi House’s exterior is displaying black galvanized steel that stretches three stories high. The balcony is covered by a screen that also shelters the front door and driveway.

The bottom and third levels are used to host bedrooms, while the first floor is used as main activity area, it accommodates living and dining rooms. Each floor is connected via a stair that run through the center of house, it was designed like that to conserve space while also bring in natural light from the skylight.

Below are some pictures of the Hi House by Yosuke Ichii, don’t forget to take a look at them to find out more details.