Here is an imposing house with a concept of sustainable architecture on the southern slope of Mount Carmel, Israel. This sustainable house has a total living area of 250 square meters and was envisioned by Heidi Arad Architects.

The exterior is elegant dominated by a white color and partly disrupted by wooden cladding. The house also has special tanks used for saving rainwater which will be used for household purposes.

In order to maximize the amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea that it faces, the house also comes with glass sliding doors and windows.

Interior is quite impressive and stylish with a range of modern furniture and decorations, in the bottom level, it has an open space for living room, dining room, and also a kitchen.While the upper level is used to host private areas such as bedrooms, and etc.

You can check out the following pictures to get a closer look to the sustainable house by Heidi Arad Architects.