Designing a home can be a daunting task, especially when a complete overhaul is required. JiunHo Inc welcomed this challenge and provided matchless designs that were appreciated by the client. They worked tirelessly to produce a masterpiece that blended present-day furnishings into a country feel-home in a seemingly effortless way.

The JiunHo Inc. was involved in the Hartford project as a full service commission where they provided the three services required in home designing: architectural, interior design and landscaping. The client was not objectionable to the firm’s original and fresh artistic angle to a certain living style. This gave them the much desired freedom to expand their creative horizon and use different unique designs and styles that resulted in a modern and sophisticated home that was at the same time ageless and classic. All this effort brought out a home that meets and even surpasses the residents’ everyday needs, ensuring they enjoy and even look forward to the time they spend at home.

Rejoining units

The home originally had three units that had always been separate. The firm started by joining the units, returning them to a single-family home, an old Victorian design. This new joint house provided a large, airy space ideal for a young couple. The spectacular gardens outside were connected to the interior with the use of new openings and exterior decks, creating the illusion of more space and also improving the aesthetics. The views were further improved with creation of well-balanced rooms in neutral colors that were used to display the art collection. The neutrality of the colors ensured the art pieces stood out and were the point of focus.

Living room and bedrooms

The house has been recreated to form a unique home with features that include high ceilings that increase the air and space in the rooms, imposing living areas designed especially for gratifying entertainment experiences, two cozy bedrooms that ensure a peaceful and private retreat for the residents in the evening after a long and stressful day of work or school. The bedrooms contained wooden floors, sloping ceilings and white banisters that gave them a country feel, which created a very tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

Dining room and kitchen

The dining room was designed in a modern, relaxing space that was tastefully done yet maintaining the old Victorian feel to providing the model family meeting point. The kitchen was transformed into a contemporary design that would bring a smile to the face of even the most unimpressionable cook. They put in a sizeable kitchen island that can alternatively be used for different meals.


They designed a remarkable smoothly-finished staircase that was the perfect blend of black and white. It was separated from the bedroom space by a glass wall divider, creating a country-like feel that integrated the modern furnishings seamlessly.


The product is truly a proof that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. They pushed the limits of creativity and came up with a fantastically designed home.